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A smooth matte brass or hand-hammered bracelet cuff available just in time for your new favorite outfit or for an any-season wedding day.

A statement piece, but its simple design, even curves, and subtle patina means it doesn’t have to draw too much attention.

  • Several standard sizes of cuff are available.
  • Shown worn hammered at 1 1/2″ inches (40mm) wide.
  • Length is just under 6 inches (15cm).
  • Cuffs will form and reform to your wrist with a little pressure, making them adjustable and one-size-fits-all for small, large, and average-sized wrists.
  • minusOne cuffs are hand-shaped with rawhide and hand-hammered with metal.

Yes! Custom sizing is available. Cuff can be made smaller or larger while shaping. Contact us to make a custom request.

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19 reviews for Wide + smooth gold bracelet cuff | minusOne Cuff Collection

  1. Celestino Haag

    I love it! It's beautiful!

  2. Krystel Bergstrom

    No comment. Five stars!

  3. Charity Ryan

    Five stars!

  4. Alize Dare

    Five stars.

  5. Savannah Lynch

    Five stars.

  6. Beryl Gleason

    Beautiful workmanship! Already receiving compliments.

  7. Lupe Zieme

    Five stars.

  8. Cale Schmidt

    My bracelet arrived today, I’m wearing it now. Simple, classic, I’m going to live in this ❤️

  9. Pauline Cummerata

    Five stars.

  10. Serena Heaney

    Five stars.

  11. Ernestine Torphy

    Everything is exactly as pictured and then some! Excellent seller!

  12. Cheyenne Schroeder

    Five stars.

  13. Raleigh Medhurst

    Perfect. Wonder woman perfect.
    Priestess Love

  14. Verna Ullrich

    Five stars.

  15. Alia Berge

    very cute! Just what I was looking for!

  16. Estell Price

    Got this for my mom for Mother’s Day and she loved it. Thank you.

  17. Maia Jakubowski

    Five stars.

  18. Krystel Bergstrom

    Beautiful bracelet!

  19. Elaina Gulgowski

    Five stars.

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