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A blood red carnelian necklace is paired with a dainty white moonstone for a luxury look perfect for everyday or every night,

  • Both are natural gemstones.
  • The carnelian solitaire is hefty at 5/8″ (14mm) across. The moonstone offers a dainty counterpart.
  • Carnelian and moonstone are held together with a single 14K gold fill heavy oval loop.
  • Chain is high quality 14K gold filled rounded box chain comparable in quality and appearance to David Yurman. Two weighs available.
  • Pendants are designed to slide on and off the chain.
  • A variety of matching earrings are available.

A stunning gift for yourself or someone you love. A luxury 14/20K gold fill (GF) necklace, comparable in quality and style to David Yurman. Suitable for both men and women, long or short, it’s perfect alone as a single strand or layered.

The perfect layering chain in any weight, with or without a pendant, this 14K gold fill rounded box chain is a keeper. You’ll have it forever.

Use the drop down menu to select your preferred necklace chain weight and length.

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A NOTE ABOUT GOLD-FILLED JEWELRY – Gold filled components contain 100 times more real gold than gold plated components and are very durable and tarnish resistant, and is a beautiful, affordable alternative to solid gold. Can be worn by people with sensitive skin.

About CARNELIAN + MOONSTONE – Blood red in color, CARNELIAN is the stone of royalty, luck and sex.

Considered “the stone of kings,” carnelian was believed by the Romans to be a stone of courage, able to shore up confidence and strength. Luck, sex, and confidence. What could go wrong? Used for cameos in antiquity, carnelian is also associated with the solar plexus chakra, connected with self-confidence and control, and is a perfect gift for new beginnings, sad times, or when a burst of energy is needed. Although also associated with clarity of mind,

MOONSTONES are best known for their connection to womanhood and to femininity, in all its forms. This includes fertility and the cyclical nature of change. Called “moonstone,” its pearlescent, color-changing sheen looks like the stone has harnessed the light of the moon.

Originally a gift to newly wedded couples because of its association with sensuality and fertility, it’s now a common gift for brides, for the same reason. French designer René-Jules Lalique incorporated moonstones into his jewelry designs during the 1910s and 1920s), paving the way for moonstone jewelry today, and making every moonstone piece a historical reminder of the Art Nouveau period.


1 review for Luxury white moonstone + red carnelian necklace | Tailored Classic Everyday

  1. Theodora Maggio

    Thank you so much! Very happy with my new carnelian/ moonstone gold necklace. Fits perfect , classic style. Beautifully designed. Fast shipping too. I’ve already ordered new earrings to match !

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