Goddess Isis bracelet | Egyptian revival wide wrist cuff


Domed and tapered natural unfinished brass Goddess Isis bracelet cuff. Worshipped as the mother of all gods, history shares that If a man wanted a woman to love him, he asked that she love him for all her time as Isis loved Osiris.

• Domed and tapered natural unfinished brass cuff stamped with the goddess Isis.
• Cuffs will form and reform to your wrist with a little pressure, and can be made looser or tighter when I’m shaping.
• 1 1/2″ wide at widest point.

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The ancient Egyptian goddess ISIS, the “great mother” is the goddess of healing and magic. Her name translates to “Queen of the Throne.” You got a best friend like this?

The archaeological digs in Egypt in that began in the late 1800s became a craze for all things Egyptian, and can be found in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewelry designs of the following decades, making Egyptian Revival jewelry reminiscent of both Deco and Nouveau aesthetics.

The goddess Isis is featured in Art Deco jewelry designs and decor.

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Natural, untreated brass doesn’t respond well to water left to dry on its own or to chemicals like hair spray or perfume, but can be buffed again to a bright shine with a polishing cloth, simple soap and water, or a scrub like Bon Ami. A small sample polishing cloth and a small ziplock storage bag are included with all natural brass items from minusOne. Use both for care and safe-keeping.


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