Pisces Gift Guide: 11 March birthday jewelry gifts

Feb 28, 2024 | meaningful jewelry + gift guides

Pisces is a water sign, so jewelry gifts for February 19 to March 20 birthdays (with some variability due to leap years) are one of the easiest to find because so much jewelry has been designed with water in mind.

This Pisces jewelry gift guide is a great start for anyone with birthdays in February or March, or even in January.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) may be an air sign, but its sign is the water-bearer, so there’s a lot of overlap for both fashionable zodiacs.

11 Jewelry gift ideas for Pisces birthdays:

  1. fish pendants and brooches
  2. aquamarines
  3. other blue stones, like agate
  4. mermaid jewelry
  5. sea horses
  6. moon jewelry
  7. moonstones
  8. freshwater pearls
  9. oyster pearls
  10. coral
  11. amethyst jewelry

Give fish pendants and brooches for a Pisces birthday

My all-time favorite style of fish jewelry, perfect for the March birthday, is the articulated fish pendant.


Reminiscent of fish scales, layers of metal allow the fish to move and swim.


They’re very often enameled and colored by hand, so each one is unique.

They’re even abundant in solid gold.


They come in plain silver and brass, too.

minusOne jewelry

Shop Etsy for this minusOne collection of articulated enamel fish pendants I want to hoard.

For the Pisces birthday gift, fish jewelry is an easy find. The styles are endless.

minusOne jewelry

minusOne jewelry

No figure is more abundant in jewelry than the fish, so you’ll have you pick of style.

Aquamarine is the Pisces birthstone

Art Deco era jewelers loved the aquamarine because its cool tones complemented the white metals trending in the 20s and 30s: silver, white gold, and platinum.

Aquamarine is in fact the official birthstone for March, so an easy choice for a March birthday gift, if jewelry is their thing.

Aquamarine is a semi-precious stone, so it’s readily available in affordable costume jewelry, like these marcasite pieces which are made of sterling silver.

These last two “aquamarine” pieces are likely blue glass.

minusOne jewelry

minusOne jewelry

Sometimes it’s hard even for gemologists to tell the difference between real aquamarines and fake ones.

So, I don’t pay too much for aquamarine jewelry. I just buy what looks good to me.

Any blue stone jewelry recalls water for a Pisces

There’s no need to find a perfect aquamarine for a Pisces birthday.

Any blue stone will do, like this natural neon apatite.

minusOne jewelry

Gone are the days when gift-giving based on birthstone was a hard science.

It’s no wonder that many pieces of fish jewelry include blue stones or glass. Double duty!

minusOne jewelry

minusOne jewelry

Mermaid jewelry will make a Pisces feel magical

The Pisces personality is a magical type, drawn to both to the spiritual and to the supernatural.

A blend of water and magic, mermaids fit the bill for your late February and March birthday friends.

Two jewelry brands are known for their over-the-top mermaid designs: Heidi Daus and Betsey Johnson.


Mermaids, butterflies, and all sorts of bejeweled pieces are available for resale or new.


Shop minusOne’s vintage Mermaid jewelry collection for sale on Etsy, including (if they’re still available!) these mermaids from Heidi Daus and Betsey Johnson.

Try seahorse jewelry for March birthdays

Seahorses are familiar to jewelry collectors, and have been gracing earrings, pins, and clips for over a hundred years.

I usually have vintage seahorse jewelry in my Etsy shop. It’s one of those things I find difficult to pass up.

Click the images below to be taken to my Etsy shop section. These may still be available for sale.

minusOne jewelry

minusOne jewelry

minusOne jewelry

This blue bakelite dress or shoe clip is one of a late-era Art Deco line designed by Geneviève Hamon and Jean Painlevé.

Painlevé made a series of underwater films that inspired these seahorse pieces. They’re fabulous, affordable, and easy to find.

Shop my Etsy favorites collection of Jean Painlevé and Genevieve Harmon seahorse jewelry.

Pisces will be drawn to moon jewelry

A water sign won’t ignore their connection to the moon in all its phases, so moon jewelry for a Pisces is a natural fit.

minusOne jewelry

These awesome 80s dangles by Gerda Lynggaard are right up my alley, even though I was born in April.


Shop Moon jewelry on Etsy.

Moonstones make a perfect Pisces gift

Magical and moonstruck, this feminine stone is an alternative to finding jewelry that represents the moon.

Called “moonstone,” its pearlescent, color-changing sheen looks like the stone has harnessed the light of the moon.

Rainbow white moonstone + gold statement earrings | Chandelier bridal dangles
Rainbow white moonstone + gold statement earrings | Chandelier bridal dangles

Read more about the meaning of moonstones.

Freshwater pearls make a delicate, feminine Pisces gift

Freshwater pearls were popular in the 70s and 80s, so strands can always be found for cheap.

I prefer the earlier styles from the 40s and 50s, usually brought home as souvenirs from tropical vacations.

This set was sold, but it’s another style I can’t pass up. You never know what I have in vintage stock now.

minusOne jewelry

Give a strand of oyster pearls for a classic Pisces

Your Pisces might appreciate the more classic style of pearls. Whether from an oyster or faux, a strand of pearls is never amiss.

minusOne jewelry

Pearls can be the traditional white or creamy ivory, or an iridescent purple, called peacock pearls.

My new favorite is the chocolate pearl.

minusOne jewelry

And of course, pearls can be in strands, long or short, or as drops in any shape.

For an awesome but affordable strand of vintage opera length pearls, look for the well-known costume brand Marvella pearls.

I’m hoarding a few strands myself.

Think coral for a unique Pisces birthday gift

Alongside freshwater pearls and oyster pearls, coral is a natural gift for water sign birthdays.

minusOne jewelry

Popular in the 40s and 50s, these vintage strands of coral range in price.

But I’m not sure how to wear them.

If you’ve ever pulled them off, let me know.

Amethyst for an Aquarian February birthday

Got someone on the Aquarius – Pisces cusp?

With leap year being in February, there’s times when a poor February birthdate can fall between the cracks of two zodiacs: Pisces and Aquarius.

minusOne jewelry

Like their signs, their jewelry gifts – and birthstones – can be fluid.

So, don’t forget about February birthstone amethyst, even for your Pisces friend.

Like aquamarine, there’s a lot of Art Deco era costume jewelry featuring semi-precious amethyst, violet rhinestones, beautifully cut purple glass, and smooth magenta cabs.

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