Our Flag Means Death gift guide | pirate ship lapel pin

Our Flag Means Death Gift Guide: Ten Gifts for the Gentleman Pirate

Nov 2, 2023 | meaningful jewelry

HBO (MAX) series Our Flag Means Death is a one-of-a-kind romp over the open water with love-positive pirates who also love fashion. These old-school pirates wave their flags with flair.

Our Flag Means Death Guft Guide | Co-Captains & First Mate A5 Print by lemonieshop on Etsy
Co-Captains & First Mate A5 Print by lemonieshop on Etsy

This gift guide is for you if you are or love a gentleman pirate.

(Just click on images or links for affiliate links to shops or items on Etsy.)

1. Pirate Ship Lapel Pins

Ships have long been a beloved figural for costume and fine jewelry designers.

Whether they’re sailboats, luxury cruise ships, Russian fleet vessels, or Spanish galleon pirate ships, they’re affordable and easy to wear.

I’ll always have a vintage pirate ship brooch for sale at minusOne jewelry on Etsy.

Our Flag Means Death Gift Guide | Vintage pirate ship pins at minusOne jewelry

What better gift for your groomsmen than a pirate ship lapel pin to signal your brotherhood.

Wear one as an individual OFMD superfan, or as your team’s badge of membership.

2. Silk Pocket Squares

For the most fabulous office attire, Friday night frippery or formalwear, a silk pocket square will always suffice.

Our Flag Means Death Gift Guide | silk pocket squares at Cyberoptix on Etsy

A perfect symbol of undying love for your gentleman pirate, they’ll know what you mean.

3. A Front Porch Flag

Forget the rainbow! There’s a new flag in town.

Our Flag Means Death Gift Guide | OFMD cat flag by AvalonNatural on Etsy

4. Books About Pirates

You may be shocked to learn how many real pirate stories are out there.

The printing press was rolling for these sea farers, and their histories have inspired ever more stories of the pirate life.

Our flag means death gift guide by minusOne jewelry | Discovery of Jeanne Baret book

Our flag means death gift guide by minusOne jewelry | Pirateology book

As a bonus, the illustrations!

5. Maps

Framed or waterproofed, maps are easy to come by. Find one that illustrates a meaningful vacation spot, or a someday dream home spot signaled with an X.

Or even better, get a work of art by one of my all-time favorite Etsy sellers, Crafterall. She custom-made me a paper cut map of the Finger Lakes over a decade ago.

See if Crafterall has a papercut map of your heartland (or sea).

6. A Piratical Paint by Number Kit

Yes, you can paint a pirate skull by number.

Pirate paint by number | our flag means death gift guide

7. A Blanket (Treasure) Chest

Traveling trunks used to be made to look like the treasure chests of old, and these trunks, designed to withstand just about everything, can be found in remarkably good condition.

Our Flag Means Death Gift Guide | English Leather Trunks on Etsy

This shop – English Leather Trunks – has a fabulous selection.

They’re perfect for blanket at the end of a bed.

8. A Letter Opener

Why give someone an actual dagger, when you can give them something (hopefully) much more useful?

Vintage letter openers in so many styles and aesthetics abound…

Our Flag Means Death Gift Guide | Brand New Arthur Court Elephant Letter Opener Original Box | Woohoodesigner Finds

Our flag means death gift guide | Art Nouveau Cast Brass Letter Opener | awisehaus on Etsy

Our Flag Means Death Gift Guide | Vintage Etched Brass Bird Letter Opener (Made in India) | midasmenagerie on Etsy

9. A Ship in a Bottle

Whether you find an antique model ship, or find a new nut to shell out your money to, ships in bottles were and remain a Thing.

Our Flag Means Death Gift Guide | pirate ship in a bottle

People love this stuff.

This shop – Nautical Ship in Bottle on Etsy – has an entire fleet of them.

10. A Taxidermied Sea Gull

Yes, you can give someone a taxidermy sea gull.

There are so many reasons why you wouldn’t, but all you need is one reason why you should.

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