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Art Deco Jewelry Reviews & Resources | A Bibliography

Apr 13, 2023 | art deco jewelry

This is a list of Art Deco jewelry books and resources on related topics I’ve used to write about Art Deco jewelry, other jewelry design styles, and the brief histories of jewelry and fashion included on the minusOne jewelry blog.

Why Give Credit?

I am an enthusiastic researcher and writer with a PhD in Education (Reading/Writing/Literacy) and a Masters and BA in English Literature. I’ve been trained to give credit to the people whose ideas have inspired me, to those who have discovered and shared historical images, and to bloggers like me who are organizing facts in ways that are helpful and engaging.

To not give credit to a source is plagiarism. Monetized blogging, the fight for SEO, ChatGBT, and even varying global ideas of intellectual property do not change this simple fact.

How this Art Deco Jewelry Bibliography Works

This list of Art Deco jewelry books and research sources is not comprehensive. Other sources may be included in the posts themselves, but not included here.

This bibliography is a dynamic list of Art Deco jewelry and era research and resources. I’ll add to it as often as I can. Again, many original sources are included in the individual blog posts. So be sure to check photo links and captions.

Photos are linked to their source citation below.

Whenever I can, I will include an image gallery that shows front and back covers, and a copyright page. If the source in an online resource, I will include a link to the source website or a published PDF.

My Citation System

I don’t use any specific system of citation, so if you’re a student using these references for your own research and bibliography, I’d recommend the APA style for this subject.

Read more about Why to Use APA Style when Writing about Art Deco Jewelry. (lol just kidding.)

Images Copyright minusOne jewelry

Many of the jewelry product photos included in this blog are mine, copyright minusOne jewelry. I took photography classes in college, taught myself product photography, and have been taking pictures of my jewelry since 2008.

Please do give me credit when my photos are used. Use of my photos without permission will result in a DMCA filing and a fine of up to a $2,400 fine per infraction. I keep originals of all my photos, so I will be able to prove it.

If I have included an image with your copyright and you prefer I remove it even with its citation, please do contact me, and I will immediately take it down.

Art Deco Jewelry Bibliography and Related Resource List

So, have fun with this list!

Art Deco Jewelry Bibliography | minusOne jewelry
Many of these sources are worth a look, and some have become my most treasured books.

Books about Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco Jewelry: Modernist Makers and Their Masterworks. (2009). Laurence Mouillefarine & Évelyne Possémé, Eds. NY: Thames and Hudson

The holy grail of Art Deco jewelry books, with gorgeous photos in full color, and excellent essays on the era’s jewelry designers and the era itself. Editor Évelyne Possémé at the time of the book’s publication was Chief Curator, Art Nouveau-Art Deco and Antique and Modern Jewelry at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. So, they have access to the good stuff. This book is the bible. Many of its images can first be found in this post about the 10 main features of Art Deco jewelry.

Art Nouveau & Art Deco Jewelry: An Identification & Value Guide. Lillian Baker (1981/1992 values updated), Paducah, KY: Schroeder Publishing.

An early attempt to catalog and value the era’s jewelry. Value guides are artifacts; if you want to know how much things went for in the early 80s and 90s, this book is for you. The organization of the book is a bit nutty and hard to follow. It made me wonder about the availability of bullet points in 1981. And fall in love with Lillian, because authors whose bio pics are with their dogs are weird and endearing. This book is referenced in a post on the similarities and differences between Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Good, Better, Best: Trade Secrets for Spotting a “Find”, by Carol Prisant (2009). NY:Viking Studio

If you’ve never heard of Carol Prisant, I’m happy to introduce you through her 2021 NYTimes obituary. I admire her as a writer very much.

Sotheby’s Auction House

One of the difficulties of writing about Art Deco jewelry is that the jewelry itself, if accessible, is usually in museums behind glass, which can be difficult to photograph through. Museum curators write books because they have direct access to the artifacts and the budget to hire the best product photographers. As an auction house, Sotheby’s also has these things, and an interest in getting the word out. They have a dedicated section on their site to jewelry that is absolutely worth a browse. A selection of articles referenced on the blog is included here.

A Comfortable Living, (2017), Mary Jane Schillin.

Art Deco Design

The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s. (2007). Sarah D. Coffin & Stephen Harrison, Eds. In collab with the Cleveland Museum of Art. New Haven: Yale University Press.

An awesome book. I highly recommend this one for discussion and images across all fields of Art Deco design in America.

Art Deco Fashion

French Fashion Plates in Full Color from the Gazette du Bon Ton (1912-1925), (1979). NY: Dover Publications

I love Dover Publications. Archival in mission, Dover reproduces the most wonderful ephemera like this magazine. I cut up this book and have these photos framed on the walls of my LR.

Art Deco History

Books about Art Nouveau Jewelry, History & Fashion

Art Nouveau 1890-1914, Paul Greenhalgh, Ed., (2000) NY: Harry Abrams, Inc. (Copyright Victoria and Albert Museum 2000)

A massive tome with beautiful pictures. Not fully dedicated to jewelry. Helpful essays. Full color. it’s available on eBay for cheaper than I bought it.

Art Nouveau An Anthology of Design and Illustration from The Studio Selected by Edmund V. Gillon, Jr., (1969). NY: Dover Publications

Another Dover Publication. Not as exciting as those with full color fashion illustrations. It hearkens back to a time pre-internet when graphic design was mostly consumed in print, and graphic designers relied on print for inspiration.

Earring Design throughout History

Earrings From Antiquity to the Present, (1990). Daniela Mascetti & Amanda Triossi. London: Thames & Hudson.

Although many of the photographs are in black and white, the scholarship makes up for the frustration of not being able to see many of the pieces shown in full color. Plus, there are a lot of full color photos to keep you occupied. I recommend this book.

Egyptian Revival Jewelry & History

Fashion History

General Jewelry History & Design

500 Earrings: New Directions in Contemporary Design, (2007). Marte Le Van, Ed. NY: Lark Books.

Just awful. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I mean that about both the book and the earrings.

Collectics.com: Antiques Education & Information

A comprehensive collection of costume jewelry and fine jewelry houses, with a paragraph of information about each wherever possible. A treasure trove!

Diamonds: A Century of Spectacular Jewels, Penny Proddow & Marion Fasel, with photos by David Behl, (1996). NY: Harry N. Abrams.

A fun book on diamonds, as suggested by the title. Marion Fasel remains a jewelry journalist on the inside, getting invited for example to the spring 2023 dinner celebrating the interior renovation of Tiffany’s flagship store.

Warman’s Fine & Costume Jewelry Identification & Price Guide, 4th Edition, Kathy Flood, (2010). Iona, WI: Krause Publications.

I love this book. Perfectly organized and engagingly written. Great pics, anecdotes, and factual explanations. Five stars!

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